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TapBio - A Taprath Elastomers Initiative



TAPRATH is a part of 40-year-old RATHI CONGLOMERATE with 8 manufacturing units in INDIA. With having lions share market in various products, this group holds huge brand equity in its application areas.

In recent times, there has been a drastic shift of perspective regarding plastic and it's effects on the environment as a whole. To cater to this, a number of bioplastic products have emerged. They are sometimes labeled “biobased,” “biodegradable,” and/or “compostable”. The differences between these are detailed HERE >

TapBio was created by Taprath Elastomers LLP as a result of this environment-focused approach. By catering compound-based and masterbatch-based solutions to current, already established manufacturers of conventional plastic, newer compostable plastic products can be produced with minimal change in their current manufacturing process

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